British Columbia Ambassador Program


The British Columbia Ambassador Program is an annual event that takes place in Merritt.  The program is open to any person age 17 to 24 who has previously held an ambassador title in British Columbia.  
Each year three members are chosen to represent the youth of our province; Part of their duties is to travel throughout British Columbia promoting our mandate of Education, Motivation & Self Esteem. 
The mandate of the program is to:
  • Nurture provincial leaders of the future
  • Promote and assist with the expenses of post-secondary education
  • Forge links of friendship & understanding throughout BC communities
  • Candidates are judged on: 
  • General knowledge of British Columbia
  • Personal interviews 
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Presentations
  • Promotion of the BC Ambassador Program
  • The British Columbia Ambassador Program awards bursaries to assist the youth in pursuing further education.  Bursaries are awarded to the British Columbia Ambassador Program candidates each year.
     All candidates in the British Columbia Ambassador Program (regardless of whether or not they earn a position on the team) may win Bursary Awards.
    Bursaries:  Public Speaking, Community Table, Knowledge, Fundraising, Promotion, Friendship, People's Choice                                                                                   

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